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Painters and Dockers - Get Docked 40 Tour

The band, who have been a prominent force in the Australian music scene since the 1980s, played a range of their classic hits and new material to a sold-out crowd at the iconic Memo Music Hall in St Kilda.

Frontman Paulie Stewart embraced the audience with his powerful vocals and energetic stage presence, with guitarists Colin Badger, Michael Badger and Dali Platt. Saxophone - Mick Morris, Trumpet - David Pace, Trombone - Sonja Parkinson and Drummer - Michael Barclay. Including special guests, The Salvation Army Brass Band.

Highlights of the night included renditions of Painters and Dockers' biggest hits such as 'Die Yuppie Die', 'Nude School', ‘You're goin home in the back of a divi-van’, ‘I Know Better Queens Than That, 'Kill Kill Kill' and ‘Jacks Car’

The band's 40th-anniversary tour was a fitting celebration of their enduring legacy, with fans young and old coming together to dance, sing, and reminisce about the good times that Painters and Dockers have brought to their lives over the years.

Overall, the Get Docked 40 tour was a triumph for the band, showcasing their talent, energy, and creativity in a setting that only added to the magic of the night.


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